Northern Kittilsland

Naturhytta collaborates with the owner of Nordre Kittilsland on building cabins on the property. The 17 plots are divided into three areas; Gverset, Svartli and Hekåe. 

Gverset - at the top of Vegglifjell

Nine of the sites on Northern Kittilsland are located in a slightly hilly and beautiful landscape at Gverset, 855-880 meters above sea level. The sites are planned as densification of an established cabin field, and were approved by the Rollag Municipality in the fall of 2019. Several of the sites have a unique location in terms of views and sunsets, and must be experienced. Naturhytta supplies cabins specially adapted to the various sites. The sites should be experienced to see how beautiful they are! Contact us for viewing.

The Gverset cabin sites are located between 150 and 600 meters from the nearest main ski trail that passes the area. This trail is prepared on the first snow. The trail network at Vegglifjell consists of more than 80 km of ski trails in varied and beautiful terrain that varies between high mountains and mountain forests. Vegglifjell is snow-proof and is located over 800 meters above sea level. Veggli Fjellstue (Veggli mountain lodge) is just 2 kilometers on foot or ski, and less than 10 minutes by car to the Vegglifjell Ski Center. There are several marked trails and hikes within a nice day-trip distance, for example, from Gversettjønn to Daggrønuten. From here one can see both inland Hardangervidda and over to the Gaustatoppen. Both of these mountains are great day trips if you want to use a car. 

Svartli - a secluded and sheltered cabin life

Five of the cabins on Northern Kittilsland are located in an idyllic and sheltered area in the north of Svartli, almost without older cabins. The access here is easy, and the sites are well spaced and well located in a hilly area with rocky shrubs and pine trees.

This field is set aside for small cabins with a sheltered location and a simpler cabin life. The small hilly area requires small cabins that are carefully adapted to the terrain formations. The result will be a unique and idyllic cabin area for relaxation and recreation. Here you can recharge your batteries in peace in beautiful surroundings!

Hekåe - a quiet and established cottage area

Three plots on Northern Kittilsland are located in the established Hekåe cabin area. Access here is easy and the area is shielded from the weather. Here there is a good distance between the new and old cabins. The idyllic stream Hekåe flows between Hekåe and Svartli. The ski trail goes right past the sites in Hekåe.

For more information or viewing (the sites should be seen), contact Kjetil Heitmann on telephone 90 91 98 60 or e-mail:

For more information or viewing (the sites should be seen), contact Kjetil Heitmann by phone 90 91 98 60 or email: