About us

Naturhytta is a local company in Veggli that supplies high standard hand-raised cabins in timber (logs) and sticks. We have diverse backgrounds from the construction industry, cabin development, and project management. We know Vegglifjell and local conditions very well and will use our knowledge, overview, and network to help our customers realize their cabin dream. We deliver quality workmanship and choose our partners carefully. For us, it all means delivering quality at the agreed time and price. Quality costs a bit more, but it gives you a cabin that lasts for many generations. We have many medieval wooden buildings that are still in use in Rollag and Numedal, so we know what good craftsmanship means!
We are committed to safeguarding nature and the environment in our business. The cabins are adapted to nature and terrain so they don’t dominate the surroundings. Cabins in stakes and logs consist of a lot of wood which is a natural material, produced without consuming limited natural resources and without creating harmful waste. Also, the wood binds large amounts of greenhouse gas CO2. Wood consists of carbon and oxygen, and binds CO2 lasting. Emissions from transport from Latvia represent only a small part of the climate accounts for a log cabin. 
Our cabins are hand-hoisted in 8-inch timber by Kurland House (formerly Ecolaft) in their production facilities in Latvia. Owner and general manager Ivars Riekstins has been building in Norway since 2004 and has many reference projects to point to. Kurland Hus complies with "Industry Standard for Ceiling Buildings, Document KNL-002" and "Civil Engineering Regulations (TEK 17)". Norwegian knotweed knots have evolved over the centuries, including through influence from the Baltics, and are today the best in the world. The art of making Norwegian craft knots is maintained by the experienced craftsmen from Latvia.
We work with several local companies that have long experience and good knowledge in their respective fields. We live and work locally all together, and will meet it as our customer for many years to come at the local convenience store. We are therefore totally dependent on delivering quality so as not to ruin our reputation.

Contact us for a nice chat about what we can do for you! Phone 90 91 98 60, or send an email to