Information to foreigners about buying property in Norway

Norway is part of the European Union and the EEA, the European economic cooperation, which allows free flow of capital between the European countries. Therefore, it is easy for people from other European countries to buy property in Norway.

Veggli and Numedal are centrally located in southern Norway, only two hours by car from Oslo and Larvik, which has a ferry from Kiel (to Oslo) and from Denmark. Veggli is also three hours from Oslo Airport Gardermoen and two
hours from Torp International Airport.

Wall Glifjell is located at the start of Hardangervidda, Northern Europe's largest high mountain plateau, and the cabin areas are 800-1000 meters above sea level. Here it is snow-safe winters, and summers are quite dry, nice and warm. Winter with snow and ski trails is usually from November to April / May. It becomes bare and green in May / June, and you can walk on your feet until October. Remember to use winter tires when driving in Norway when the snow falls in October and after Easter. The Norwegian weather report is good for reporting the right weather, and via webcam you can see how the weather and conditions are on Vegglifjell at all times.

Vegglifjell is a very popular cabin area for people in the Oslo region. There are more than 2000 cabins spread over more than 20 km 2 and there is a great variety between cabins in dense residential areas, to cabins with plenty of space and nature for the next cabin. Here you can experience wildlife and birds, if you are lucky you can see both
eagle and wild reindeer. Moose and grouse are common.

Vegglifjell has a lot of untouched nature with marked hiking trails and top hikes, almost 100 km of ski slopes and a small ski resort in winter. Here are many great fishing lakes (trout and perch) and also the opportunity
hunt. The air and water are clean and free of pollution, and consideration has also been taken to protect the starry sky from light pollution.

Almost all cabins have all the way up, electricity and inlet water. Some areas also have fiber broadband. Most own the cottage plot of approx. 1000 m2 but many prefer to rent the plot of land owner. There are floor plans that say how big and tall the cabin can be and what it should look like. Norwegians are often very traditional in making sure that the cabin area for a nice whole without anyone sticking out too much.

You can buy the finished built cottage on your own plot, or you can choose the plot and suitable cottage yourself.

When buying property, vacant or finished cottage, the sale should be done with the help of a lawyer or state-authorized real estate agent to make sure the sale is done by law and that no one is deceived. When you agree with the seller about the price of the property, you sign a sales contract with a lawyer / broker.

Seller signs under deed, proof that you own the property. The joint is sent to
registration when you have paid for the property of the lawyer / broker. If you want to build a cabin yourself, you will enter into a contract with a cabin supplier in accordance with the Bus Listing Act. Construction of dwellings and cottages is regulated by Norwegian law to ensure the buyer his rights. You have the right to complain if the cabin does not have agreed quality and you will not pay more
along the way in the construction process than the value added to the property.
You must create an account with a Norwegian bank to buy property in Norway. In order to get registered, you must apply to the Norwegian authorities to obtain a D-number, which is your personal number in Norway. This will help the lawyer / broker with you, but you must have your credentials from your home country. It may take up to three weeks to be assigned a D-number. In order to buy property or to build a cottage, you must have proof of financing.

Naturhytta AS and Food and service by Stefan Mayrhofer help you with all the practicalities of owning and maintaining a cabin on Vegglifjell or in Numedal. We can look for the cabin, meadow, seagull snow, mow
grass on the roof and perform other tasks according to your needs.

We also help to rent out your cabin when you are not using it yourself. This can do you good
income to help fund the purchase. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with which cabins are in demand for rental, this can secure revenue. We help to put the cabin on the internet for rent, payment and settlement, insurance, maintenance, washing and maintenance and other things that ensure guests have a good stay.

We help translate all documents you need into English or German and connect with
Norwegian bank if desired. We have good routines for information and updating you as a customer, and are always available by email or phone.

Norway and Vegglifjell are safe for holidays. There is very little crime here, and the country is well organized with a large public and private offer to residents and lodges (health, fire, police, municipal services). Veggli is a small and well-organized village, where all inhabitants know everyone. It is easy to get to know the locals and other cabins. Norway is also very stable financially.

Norway and Vegglifjell have a lot of beautiful and untouched nature with large areas with no human intervention, no pollution of air or water, and a beautiful starry sky especially on winter nights. Wall gliding is a place of tranquility and tranquility. Here you can be yourself!

A cottage property is a long-term investment. A solid cabin from Naturhytta in pole or log will last for hundreds of years. In Veggli there are several medieval timber buildings before the Reformation in 1537.
Stave church in Rollag dates from the 1100s.

We welcome you as our guest in Veggli and Vegglifjell. We offer you a full package to pick you up at the nearest airport, offer a cabin for rent in Vegglifjell and show you around until you find a plot and
cottage that will give you a space to long for back to!

With best regards

Naturhytta AS and Food and Service