How to go about achieving the cabin dream

When we agree on a cabin model with all optional solutions and prices, we carry out the entire construction process and hand over the finished cabin with the key in the door. 
We can also supply finished furnished cabin, with fixtures that are in the style of the cabin. We only work with serious subcontractors and promise a hassle-free construction process and takeover of the cabin.
We comply with laws and regulations and use a contract according to the Norwegian Standard. We provide a financial guarantee for any errors and omissions for five years after acquisition.

When we have come in contact it is probably because you have got an interest in Vegglifjell or Numedal. Vegglifjell is two hours from Oslo and Vestfold cities, and is one of the closest high mountain areas to the Oslo Fjord. Vegglifjell is the closest gateway from the Oslofjord to Hardangervidda, from here it is mountains longer than you can think of walking.
We have a good overview of all the cabin areas on Vegglifjell, and can help you find the right plot in the area that is right for you. Here it is a lot to choose from, and it is important to think through what matters most to your choice. The plot must fit the cabin you want to set up. This applies to both size and slope of the site, access, sun conditions, and view. There is usually a lot to gain financially by choosing the right plot that does not need more work than necessary. It also gives better results for the surroundings that the terrain interventions are not unnecessarily large.

Together with our partners we can supply a range of solutions for cabin models. It is often wise to look at what others have already built, it is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel. But most people want their personal adjustments to solutions that already exist.
We help you find good and quality solutions. Quality costs, but it will bring pleasure for many years to come. A sturdy log and log cabin built professionally lasts for generations. We collaborate with Kurland House (formerly Ecolaft), which is based in Latvia, and has delivered wonderful cabins to Norway for almost 15 years. By the way, the art of notching came to Norway from Eastern Europe in the Viking Age, so we continue in many ways an ancient and solid tradition.

Together with our ground contractor, we help to place the hut in order to achieve optimal and cost-effective utilization of the land. Here is a lot to gain! 
Most plots are sold with a road up to site boundaries, electricity from distribution cabinets near the site, and shared water supply. Drainage is solved by connecting to common facilities or own facilities on the site. More and more of the cabin areas on Vegglifjell have fiber broadband, this is especially the case with slightly denser development. Mobile networks with 4G are also well developed on Vegglifjell

The foundation wall is cast in concrete, with pipes and cables in exactly the right places. Underneath the foundation wall is a dense cloth that blocks radon gas.
We use good and solid materials as standard for floors, wall panels and ceilings (ceilings). We can also deliver choices here according to your special wishes, among other things, for example moldings. Doors and windows should fit the cabins and are of course NDVK approved by the Norwegian door and window control.

For solutions in kitchens, bathrooms, and other furnishings we can deliver exactly the solutions you want. There are several good and affordable solutions that meet the needs of most. For those who want more special solutions, we collaborate with local supplier, Uvdal Snekkerverksted, who creates solid wood, stylish furnishings for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. They also have long experience and good expertise in colors and style.

For everything from electrical work, wet rooms and pipes, fireplaces and pipes, tiles, there is constantly a development, and we work with serious suppliers who are up to date on the solutions offered. We will put you in touch with our regular partners. To top it all off (literally) we supply turf roofs with a green guarantee

We handle construction applications and coordination of all work between the various contractors and craftsmen. It is important for the implementation that this slides smoothly at no extra cost and loss of progress.